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of the things for the house next week. >> kaline sebelius will testify on wednesday. she's in the sights of the republicans, the person not only responsible for the website rollout which by all accounts doesn't seem to go well at all. 10% of people trying to find out they cannot sign up. she'll get an earful. she'll be grilled at the hearing. people are looking for answers to questions like when did you know it was not going to work that well. when did you pull back. who's in charge of all of that. she'll get an earful too and will be writing it all week. >> what's the deadline facing the committee. >> there are high hopes. a lot of people have high hopes that you can reach the grand bargain but that's not a quick deadline. you have them saying we need to do this before thanksgiving. we don't want to get with a week or two left. and the markets might give a little shiver. that sheems to be putting on a trek to a short term deal that might get us funding for 2014. and it may -- it may mean we don't have entitlement reform and we don't have that much in the way of taxes. >> the dodd-frank
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1